Traditional Azerbaijani Carpets Get A Glitchy Makeover

Faig Ahmed has a special touch when it comes to carpets, turning the conventional form into something more akin to magic. The Azerbaijani artist studied sculpture at university, and has brought that multi-dimensional approach to his experimental oeuvre of textiles. His work, on rugs so stunning it seems a travesty to put them on common ground, observes ancient styles in both production and pattern. Then he makes it history, distorting remnants of the past “beyond any recognition,” he says.

Before expertly “embroidering space” with jewel-toned wool strands, Ahmed experimented with a more classical take on his homeland’s heritage–well, kind of. His series of rugs give a glitchy, of-the-moment effect to handmade works that took hours upon hours of personal production to create.

Between the bulbous convex visions, the pixelations, and the stretching, the rich, earthy hues look like they’ve been processed through a broken computer then reflected in a funhouse mirror. “I do it without thinking,” Ahmed says of his process. “It’s my instantaneous expression. The same changes happen in the world of today, each day. Ideas that have been formed for ages are being changed in moments.”

Taken individually, each work is a bit of a head-trip. Together they become a fascinating–if not slightly unsettling–collection. It takes you for a ride.

(h/t Boing Boing)