Watch: A Music Video That’s Also A Wry Critique Of Infographics

Data visualization may be the most exciting sector of graphic design. But Franz Ferdinand’s new video has something to say about it.

“Infographic” is just a catchy word for “data visualization.” And data visualization is amazing. We live in a world of unfathomable numbers, with billions (or trillions?) of new points of information recorded every day. And visualizations are key to wrapping the human mind around a world otherwise owned by machines and algorithms. So data visualization is remarkably important to our existence, and it will only be more so into the future.


But Franz Ferdinand doesn’t feel quite the same way. The band’s latest video, Right Words, directed by Jonas Odell, is a cutting criticism of our infographic-laden world that’s keen to chart-i-fy the nature of human behavior.

It can be a tough watch because so many of data visualizations’ most beloved tropes are here: anatomical cross sections, flowchart tubes, lots of arrows, Venn diagrams, and generic geometric figures, and it’s all presented in a soft screenprinted aesthetic, as if Ferdinand’s song is a limited-edition print straight out of a Brooklyn illustration shop.

Then again, could there be a more suitable concept to manifest Ferdinand’s own lyrics, “Right thoughts, right words, right actions”? Well, actually–a chord diagram would have been a pretty good call.

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