A Pillow Where Your Beloved iPhone Can Rest Its Weary Head

Sometimes your iPhone just needs a break. After a long day of use, music and video streaming, and roaming in the subway, it would like nothing more than to rest its weary self. Snarkitecture, the Brooklyn-based design studio, has produced a distinguished cushion for just that purpose.

Pillow is a sculpted docking station for your iPhone 5, a comfy bed for your hardest-working gadget. Made of white gypsum cement, the tray is imagined as a plush pillow and cast with the ghostly impression of an iPhone. A groove embedded on the underside secures the phone charger cable in place.

“It’s a play between a soft and hard form,” Snarkitecture principal Alex Mustonen tells Co.Design, alluding to the deceptively cloth-like cement surface. The trays, which are individually hand-cast, seem almost carved out of marble block, lending them a dulled but dignified aura that contrasts with the glassy sheen of the iPhone.

For Mustonen, Pillow’s photo-realistic form and concrete materiality create “a confusion between the way an object appears and what it actually is” — an optical illusion of sorts that’s long been a feature of Snarkitecture’s work. (See their is-it-art-or-not ping-pong table.) “Snarkitecture,” Mustonen says, “has always been interested in making architecture and objects perform in ways that are unexpected.”

With Pillow, the designers were able to explore that theme in more accessible ways. The project is just the first in a planned series of objects that frames and celebrates everyday items. Upcoming riffs on the theme will feature pillows for keys, a wallet, and sunglasses. “The different version of Pillow will be able to be grouped together to create a single home for all of these items to rest when you arrive at home or at work.”

You can buy Pillow over at Snarkitecture’s shop for $68. Your phone will be grateful.