For Today’s Nomads, A Portable Lamp Made Of Styrofoam Peanuts

This lightweight lamp is always packaged and ready for a move.

It’s a well-reported fact that more people are moving to cities. Not as discussed is how often these nascent urbanites must move within their new host cities. High rents force many to seek housing with annoying frequency, a task further exacerbated by the things they have to tote with them from place to place.


Unlike most furniture, the Yupik lamp is expressly designed to facilitate and accommodate “the nomadic lifestyle of modern day life.” Conceived by Swedish design collective Form Us With Love (FUWL), Yupik is a lightweight styrofoam lamp that’s always packaged and ready to move.

The portable lamp, produced for Fontana Arte, can be hung, stood upright, or tilted on its side and placed on the floor. Yupik, FUWL designer Helena Hedenstedt tells Co.Design, “can be moved around and adapted to the needs of the situation.” The lamp is fitted with a five-meter power cable, giving it a versatility that encourages multiple configurations.

It’s made of durable polypropylene foam, a surprisingly strong material resistant to tearing. That, combined with its raw, beady finish and rough, off-the-conveyor-belt appeal made the foam “a natural choice both from a practical and aesthetic point of view,” Hedenstedt says. The bulb is cradled by the foam hood, which acts like a perfect shield to moving hazards.

FUWL is known for their off-beat designs and playful interpretations of everyday objects. Previously, they reimagined the camping lantern as a minimalist LED lamp with a power socket integrated into its base and turned discarded bathroom countertops into watering vases. Yupik continues in a similar vein, packaging a smart concept with a sleek but approachable execution.

The design, Hedenstedt points out, isn’t just another beautiful, rarified object to add to the group’s portfolio but one of many simple solutions they hope find use and applications for generations to come. Surely, this one, since it’s made from non-biodegradable foam, will be around for a good long time.

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