Ikea’s New Catalog Magically Transforms Into Furniture

Most augmented reality apps are silly. You sit in front of your computer, aim the webcam at your desk, and some moving promotion appears to be standing there (you know, sort of, because you’re still looking through your laptop to make that magic happen).

But now, Ikea has developed a killer app for AR. After using any smartphone or tablet to scan select pages out of its 2014 catalog, you can place the catalog anywhere in your home to make it appear as if it’s an actual piece of furniture. Watch the video above to see what we mean.

Technically, this is no more amazing than any other AR app to date. But every part of the actual use-case scenario makes sense. Consider the experience: You’re already reading this catalog. You come across something you like. Then, assuming your phone is nearby, the hardest thing you have to do is drop the book somewhere in your home–a satisfying tactile process that beats pinching and zooming on a glass screen. There are no stickers to tear out or cards to print. Every component of the experience is already integrated.

In turn, the customer gets a much more accurate picture than pulling out a measuring tape and imagining. And Ikea actually transports its products into the customer’s home, associating a living room with its showroom through a sort of digital test drive. It’s a good idea that’s brilliantly executed, along with a major upgrade from last year’s catalog. Now as soon as Ikea can insert a few coked-up cosplayers along with the synthesist from Hot Chip, I’ll really know how a FÖRHÖJA wall cabinet will fare in my apartment during a typical Wednesday night in.

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[Hat tip: DesignTaxi]

[Photos by Kelly Rakowski/Fast Company]MW