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Learn The History Of Physics In 4 Minutes

Physics may be an esoteric concept, but this charmingly illustrated video will get you through a few hundred years of scientific discovery.

Learn The History Of Physics In 4 Minutes

Aristotle was wrong. He claimed that heavier items fell faster than lighter items. Had he actually tested the theory, using a high-tech tool as sophisticated as a ladder, a ledge, or a cliff, he’d have immediately realized that it couldn’t possibly be true. Because Galileo did test the theory, and he found that balls of various mass fell at the exact same rate. And then he skydived off the Leaning Tower of Pisa in celebration just to rub it in Aristotle’s wrong dead face.

Well, at least that’s what happened according to this fantastic animation directed by Åsa Lucande for BBC Science. It’s not particularly cutting edge in its graphical presentation. It’s just innately watchable and highly entertaining. Science books should read this way. And by this way, I mean through the soothing vocal chords of Chris O’Dowd, or someone who very much sounds like Chris O’Dowd (IMDb wasn’t so helpful). UPDATE: It’s Dara O Briain.

[Hat tip: neatorama]