Sometimes Telling The Time Is Hard. This Clock Lends A Hand

Blame digital technology, but plenty of us still can’t always tell the time. It’s commonplace now to substitute a phone for a watch (or perhaps you wear a smart watch–the child of the two), which makes a classic analog clock difficult to read with ease. Cue the FreakishClock, a handed time-teller that cleverly masks the entire face of the clock, save for one sliver that reveals the hour.

“I was searching for a new way of appreciating time and to tell the story of time,” says industrial designer Sabrina Fossi. So, “instead of having a standard hours hand, the entire face of the watch is a spinning disk with a hole in the shape of the hours hand.”

The clock is easily more functional than any other analog version (and especially more utilitarian than some artful interpretations we’ve seen lately, like the season-tracking clock The Present), but it’s a striking piece of minimal decoration to boot. Mindful of that, the Italy-based Fossi not only colored the FreakishClock in black, green, yellow, lilac, and two graphic prints, she’ll also customize the face for interested clients.

The FreakishClock costs $98 and can be had at Fossi’s website, here.MR