• 05.29.12

Street Art Reminds Us What True Beauty Is: Photoshop

A German street artist does some culture jamming on ads to show that beauty isn’t just skin deep, it’s also made on computers.

As a society, we’re constantly inundated with advertising. And a lot of those ads feature young and nubile bodies in exotic poses, designed to make you think that really attractive people also buy this product. But are they also making you think: How can I possibly get my abs to look like that?


The unnatural and unfair beauty standards that the advertising world is foisting on the rest of us average-bodied folks was brought home most effectively by the Dove Evolution video, which showed a woman slowly transformed into a model using makeup and a lot of editing. This new Hamburg street art campaign from artist Daniel Soares does the same thing for billboards.

The artist is simply pinning up the Photoshop tool bar alongside photos from an H&M campaign. The art asks: Think this is a real person? It’s not, it’s just a facsimile of a person that exists on the computer screen of some ad agency.

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