• 06.08.12

A Colorful Tour Of America’s Urban Farms

City farms are popping up left and right, in the middle of so much concrete. A new book takes you to some of the best and most exciting of the bunch.

You may not think of farms as the most innovative places in the world–but you probably should. Every day, new places for growing food pop up in the urban landscape, run by scrappy farmers intent on growing something in the middle of all the asphalt.


A new book by Sarah Rich, titled simply Urban Farms, takes readers on a tour of some of the most interesting and exciting of these projects around the country. From a farm in Oakland that raises rabbits for meat to a project in New Orleans that is helping stitch back the Lower Ninth Ward through the power of agriculture, the book shows how these city-based gardens are changing the landscape of food in our cities.

We’ve excerpted some of the photos and text from the book in the gallery above or you can buy a copy of it here. The future of farming is here–take a look.

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