• 08.07.12

Fix Your Least Favorite Potholes In Exchange For Volunteer Work, Charity Donations

Potholes for Poverty lets you skip the arduous process of waiting for the city to come fix an annoying blemish on your street’s asphalt–for a price of doing a little good.

If there’s a nasty pothole (or three) on your street, your first instinct might be to call the city and complain. When that doesn’t work, though, what else is left to do? If you live in Portland, Oregon, it might be worth giving Potholes for Poverty a ring.


Streetsblog points us to the program–an initiative from a local business called Coast Pavement Services. In exchange for either a donation to charity or 10 hours of volunteer work at a nonprofit, Potholes for Poverty will clean that pothole right up. Coast Pavement embarks on its charitable pothole-filling ventures once a month.

Potholes for Poverty will let you work with any local organization, but the initiative offers some suggestions, including Mercy Corp, SMART (a nonprofit that encourages young people to read), and Loaves and Fishes, which delivers Meals on Wheels.

Want some inspiration? Potholes for Poverty also has a picture gallery of filled potholes and the people behind their cleanup. One man donated $200 to National Suicide Prevention to fix a pothole, and a woman pledged 20 hours of work for Neighborhood Emergency Response teams to clean up her least favorite pothole.

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