• 10.16.12

An App To Turn A City Into A Virtual Playground

100Plus uses open data to give San Francisco residents a plethora of ideas for how to use the city to lead a healthier lifestyle–and a chance to beat your friends at being the healthiest.

As more cities open up their data streams, it becomes possible for outside groups to create all sorts of apps and maps, looking at everything from housing prices to crime rates. San Francisco is leading the open data revolution; this week, the city announced that it is expanding itsopen data repository to include private data sources. 100Plus, a Peter Thiel-backed startup that uses data to improve health, is taking advantage of San Francisco’s data streams with a new app of the same name.


The app uses open data from DataSF, to give users ideas about health-improving activities they can do nearby, dubbed Hopps. 100Plus then shows users the long-term positive impact of these actions.

The new app builds on 100Plus’s current app, Outside, which also recommends small healthy actions (but without the DataSF info). There are a handful of Outside missions near my current location, including eating a salad with three colors in it, meditating, and frolicking in a nearby park. The more missions you complete, the more points you get and the higher you climb on the leaderboard.

There are other, more broadly useful ways to leverage city data (the city also announced a Rec & Park app designed by Appallicious that helps people find information on city parks and playgrounds), but 100Plus’s app reminds us that the data can be used for fun applications, too.

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