• 01.22.13

Take A Look At New York’s New Smallest Apartment

The city today unveiled the winner of a contest to design livable tiny apartments to expand studio-scale housing in the Big Apple.

Despite the fact that there are already 1.6 million people squeezed onto a 23-square-mile island, people keep flocking to Manhattan, pushing the limits of the city’s housing stock. You can only build upward so much before you need to start thinking of other solutions if you want to find a place for everyone.


This summer, the mayor’s office announced the adAPT NYC competition, for designers to create a new kind of New York apartment that takes up less space than the current 450-square-foot legal space limit for a dwelling. Today, adAPT NYC announced the winner, which you can see above.

The unit features a 70 cubic-foot kitchen with a fold-down counter, a storage loft, and a bathroom (the bathroom is also where you’ll find a closet). The plan is now to install the apartments in a city-owned building in the Kips Bay neighborhood.

The city has 1.8 million one- and two-person households, but only one million studio and one-bedroom apartments, so the hope is that new design solutions like these tiny apartments will ease some of that tension.

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