Book A Night At This Homeless Hotel To Live Like People On The Street

Want to sleep in a park with homeless residents of Gothenberg, Sweden? That’ll be about $15.50 if you book a spot through the Faktum Hotels website. But since it’s a park, your spot isn’t guaranteed. Someone might have gotten there first.

Gothenberg–the country’s second largest city–has about 3,400 homeless people living in its borders. At the time of writing, it’s 14 degrees Fahrenheit in Gothenberg. It’s not a pleasant place to be stuck outside. Swedish interactive agency Forsman and Bodenfors is raising awareness of the issue (and some cash) through a website for a fictitious hotel called Faktum that has locations throughout the city.

Go to the Faktum website and you’ll be greeted with options to book 10 different “rooms” in the hotel’s locations. These rooms include a spot in a park, an empty paper mill, a dilapidated cafe-like structure, a wharf, and a spot next to a football field. Each location comes with an inviting description. That football field? Why, it’s within walking distance to the Swedish Exhibition Center. Bonus: In the winter, it’s transformed into a “cozy rink.”

The whole thing is actually a campaign to raise money for Faktum, a local street paper. Like many street rags, Faktum is worth a read (even through Google Translate)–the latest issue has articles about the Las Vegas tunnel people, a formerly homeless Swedish musician, and more.AS