The Parking Meter Of The Future Will Make It Easier To Not Get A Ticket

Paying for parking is never something anyone’s very excited about. And parking meters can be particularly annoying if the device only takes coins, if it’s broken, or if it’s one of those new machines that’s designed to make the transaction easier while actually making it harder. But a new parking meter prototype with a touch-free payment method could manage to put the words “sexy” and “parking meter” in your mouth at the same time.

Design firm DCA’s concept parking meter PARKd “questions why the parking meter isn’t more intuitive and flexible to meet user’s needs,” according to the firm. It answers that question by letting users pay with credit card, cash or, best of all, with an app on their phone that deducts money from their account and wirelessly transfers the payment information to the meter.

A clear-cut user experience includes a knob that users turn to add more time to their spot, and has easy to understand graphics letting drivers know how much time each coin earns them or when they need to eventually return to their car.

The end result, according to DCA, is “a relaxed, efficient experience that alleviates the frustrations and anxiety that traditional parking meters can cause.”

Check out the video to see it in action.