New York’s Bike Share Is A Pain In The Ass That’s Worth It

New York City has now joined the ranks of Paris, Hangzhou and Newark with its own set of shared public bicycles. They’ve gotten mixed reviews, so far, thanks especially to technical glitches and omnipresent Citibank advertising. But for an optimistic, entertaining and seeming earnest biker’s perspective, there is Casey Nesitat’s new video: “CitiBikes are a Pain in the Ass.”

An avid and seemingly masochistic maker of gonzo bike documentaries, in the past Neistat has demonstrated the dangers of bike lanes, the ease of bike theft and the safe way to learn to do a bike-mounted back-flip. Despite the title of his new video, he’s bullish on the clunky Citi Bikes, going as far as to claim he will convert entirely after his current fixed gear is stolen. (It’s unclear whether or not Neistat made this video for Citibike, or just for fun; he tends to blur the lines between advertising and personal recommendations.)

He writes in the YouTube description that “more bikes means less cars (ideally), more active commuters, quieter city and generally makes this place more civilized.”

Just don’t tell his recent corporate client, Mercedes-Benz.SA