This 34-Story Skyscraper Would Be The Tallest Wood Building In The World

It’s no longer just cabins that can be built from logs. In Canada, they’re gearing up for the opening of the North America’s tallest wood building–with six mighty floors. In London, a wood tower stretches to reach floor nine. But in Sweden, the architecture firm C.F. Møller hopes to really raise the stakes with its plans for a 34-floor timber-framed apartment tower, submitted to the Swedish building society HSB Stockholm’s competition for residences of the future.

Why build with wood? According to Dezeen, wood construction can be “cheaper, easier and more sustainable than typical steel and concrete constructions.” In a statement, the architects point out other benefits to wood construction, including the lack of waste products, its surprisingly high resistance to fire, the great acoustics, the ability to regulate the inside temperature, and the reduced need for covering in plaster (because who doesn’t love exposed wood?).

The tower would use solid wood pillars, beams, ceiling frames and window frames, which passersby would be able to see through the building’s transparent facade. A concrete core would provide additional support.

Ola Jonsson, an architect at C.F. Møller, explains to Dezeen some of the environmental benefits of working with wood: “Construction accounts for around 30-40 percent of CO2 produced in the world globally and if you look at the CO2 released in the production of wood it is a lot better than steel or concrete.” Additional environmentally friendly features would include solar panels on the roof and a communal winter garden.ZS