• 10.08.13

Mapping Creative Spaces Around The World

Need a desk? Use the Creative Space Explorer to find a work environment that’s going to help you out and connect you to other interesting people.

If you’re looking for a creative space–a place to work that truly fosters collaboration, a place to learn new skills, a community of like-minded artists and entrepreneurs–you probably look on Yelp or do a Google search. That won’t yield much. These spaces are scattered across Yelp categories, and a Google search for “creative spaces” shows just a smattering of local spots. That’s what Berlin-based consulting studio ignore gravity discovered while researching creative spaces around the world.


So the studio pulled together data on hundreds of creative spaces and presented them in the Creative Space Explorer, a tool that lets users pinpoint creative spaces on a global map–and add their own. ” We define ‘creative space’ as an enviro that consciously is set up to trigger collaboration in a creative way,'” explains Jonathan Imme, one of the creators of Creative Space Explorer.

Imme and his collaborators seeded the map with spaces that they knew of from personal connections, and then asked those connections to suggest other spaces for inclusion. “Usually within a country, spaces are aware of each other,” says Imme.

Browse the map and you’ll quickly see that the spaces have little in common besides a focus on creative collaboration. There’s General Assembly, a New York City space (with campuses around the world) that offers classes on programming, business and design. There’s the MLOVE ConFestival, a Berlin, Germany conference held in a castle that bills itself as “TED for Mobile.” And there’s the HUB SoMa, a San Francisco coworking space for people working on social good projects.

The audience for the site, says Imme, is “creative space shapers and makers themselves.” Presumably, these makers will use the Creative Space Explorer as inspiration, and as a reference point for places to visit when they travel. Check out the map here.

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Ariel Schwartz is a Senior Editor at Co.Exist. She has contributed to SF Weekly, Popular Science, Inhabitat, Greenbiz, NBC Bay Area, GOOD Magazine and more.