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Dynamic Duos: The Role Of Design At Pinterest

By putting visuals first, the social scrapbooking site has redefined the Internet experience in a way that is both addictive—and widely copied.

Ben Silbermann, Cofounder and CEO
Evan Sharp, Cofounder

Ben Silbermann, Cofounder and CEO
Evan Sharp, Cofounder

Sharp: It starts with people. There’s nothing more inspirational to engineers than working alongside world-class designers, and vice versa.

Silbermann: Design is how a product works: the code that enables an action, the pixels users see, the words we use to describe it.

Sharp: Agreed. Design, writing, brand, and support are all parts of the same whole.

Silbermann: We always start projects with a specific experience for our users and then communicate that through words and prototypes. When it looks promising, we figure out how to build it.

Sharp: I don’t personally value design for its own sake. I value design because it lets us build the most effective, meaningful, and easy-to-use products, and we think that’s valuable for pinners and for Pinterest.

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A version of this article appeared in the October 2013 issue of Fast Company magazine.

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