With The Belkin Builder Case, Your iPhone Becomes A Lego Brick

A new case from Belkin turns your iPhone into a base for building up any Lego creation.

Lego has many fine attributes, but great ergonomics are not amongst them. Those colorful plastic bricks are excellent for building out the vehicles and structures of your dreams, but you wouldn’t exactly want to build a smartphone out of Lego, lest your hands become perpetually cramped and dimpled.


What’s the sense behind the Builder Case, then? A co-venture between accessory-maker Belkin and everyone’s favorite Danish brick maker, the Builder Case tricks out your iPhone’s back with a little under 100 equally spaced Lego connectors, and actually we kind of love it.

The thing the Belkin case gets right is it doesn’t try to make your iPhone into some big, unwieldy Lego construction. Instead, it tries to transform your iPhone into yet another device that can interact with Lego. Using the connectors on the back of the Belkin case, you can turn your iPhone into a base to build out a Lego skyscraper, plop on some minifigs in an impromptu diorama, or even turn your iPhone into a car or jet plane.

That’s actually sort of neat. One of the key ways in which Lego has kept relevant is by underplaying the proprietary nature of its system of interlocking bricks with all sorts of adapting gadgets. The message seems to be, “You can play with anything using Lego! Just get the right adapter and almost anything can be a Lego brick!” Even an iPhone.

Belkin’s Builder Case is just another iteration of this idea that every gadget or object in the world is just a few dollops of molded plastic away from being the centerpiece of another triumph of Lego engineering. And it does all of this without sacrificing any of the usual features you want in a case: It’s scratch-resistant and features a semi-flexible outer frame for shock absorption.

We already build so much of our modern lives off of the backs of our iPhones. It seems like a delightfully natural and whimsical extension to literally build some Lego on the back of an iPhone, too.

You can purchase the Lego Builder Case from Belkin here for $39.99.