An Adorable Travel Humidifier, Shaped Like A House

The Casamista humidifier snaps on top of water bottles for on-the-go respiratory health.

What is it that we love so much about toy-ifying our daily wares? Bobbleheads at our office desks, iPhone cases dressed as Gameboys or Hello Kitty, swirly straws for grownups. Is it a chance to revisit the wonders of childhood, or is like getting a lollipop at the doctor’s office–a treat earned for a drudging task?


From designer Alan Wisniewski’s point of view, maybe it’s both. “There are a few travel humidifiers on the market, but they are all boring and strictly functional,” says Wisniewski, who knows, like anyone else who has relied on a humidifier, that it’s a decidedly unsexy appliance. The solution? Sweeten it up a bit. “I was watching one at my desk puff out steam and realized that I wanted to give it a form that played off the function.” He settled on the shape of a house that could churn to life once steam started spouting from the chimney.

The Casamista humidifier, designed for Umbra, screws onto any standard water bottle, and with the help of batteries or power via a USB outlet, feeds water into a tiny pinhole that generates mist for a dry and air conditioned room. Like the Amazing Humidifier, another water bottle accessorizing steamer we recently wrote about, Casamista piggybacks onto something that’s likely already taking up tabletop real estate (the water bottle) and doesn’t need its own water reserve, so it can travel anywhere–bus, plane, or train. And for the homesick traveler out there, Wisniewski’s design is intended to ease that discomfort as well: “I loved the idea of adding some personality or character so that people could relate more to them and cherish them,” he says. “It allows you to take a bit of home with you.” And, as long as it doesn’t disturb fellow passengers, Casamista works with scented waters and oils too.

Casamista costs $25 through Umbra, and can be had here.

About the author

Margaret Rhodes is a former associate editor for Fast Company magazine.