Fashionable Press-On Nails That Banish The Boring Manicure

Original, amusing, and on trend nail art from the British label House of Holland is on the (googly-eyed, calculator-drawn, zig-zagged) fingertips of London Fashion Week.

Fashion Week denizens are known for having their nails out. This week, as the flock starts to migrate with the shows from New York to London, home of the House of Holland, fashion designer Henry Holland will have a front-row seat to see if he’s managed to banish the boring manicure. In collaboration with Elegant Touch, House of Holland has created a new line of false nails, inspired by his collection for London’s Fall 2013 Fashion Week.


The nine sets of highly original nail designs are displayed in a kaleidoscope layout in a house-shaped box. Face Ache, for one (and instantly in demand), turns your fingers into tiny googly-eyed faces, some winking, others red with fury.

Nail art has exploded of late, and Hannah Ellis-Young, brand marketing manager of Elegant Touch, tells Co.Design about its appeal as “a safe and fun form of self-expression. Extreme nail styles and experimentation with nail art by celebrities like Katy Perry, Gaga, RiRi, Kelly Osbourne has aided the trend,” she says. “Nails have been receiving far more attention on catwalks and at red carpet events, which has encouraged people to have more fun with their nails.” Hundreds of nail art blogs, such as the Tumblr FuckYeahNailArt, chronicle the keratin-as-canvas phenomenon, featuring impressively intricate rhinestoned, marbled, floral, tied-dyed, or lace-tipped fingers.

Along with Face Ache that’s turning heads, House of Holland’s new designs include Heart Breaker, which features cracked ruby hearts tipping flesh-toned nails. Wear Geek Chic and push your glasses further up your nose: They’re illustrated with calculators, bow ties, and suspenders. With 3-D rainbow spots, Dot-It is a playful twist on classic black Goth claws. Other collections are Zig Zag Stardust–as shazammy as it sounds in neon pink, green, yellow, and orange–as well as Polka Dot, Tweed, and Classy Nude.

The designer, famous for his colorful, irreverent styles, and humor, said, “The designs are bold, playful, and create an individual look at a great, attainable price. I’m really excited about branching out into the world of nails with this collaboration and I’m super happy with the range.” The oval- and stiletto-shaped false tips are on sale for $7.99.

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