This Clever Piece Of Plastic Transforms Any Glass Into A Vase

Aleksander Dimitrov’s Clip On Vase pretties up forgotten glassware.

Here’s a simple-genius way to make use of all the extra plastic that 3-D printing wants to introduce into the world: Create accessories that enhance the functionality of household items that already exist. Aleksandar Dimitrov, a Bulgarian product designer and founder of the firm AD-3D, saw the easy potential to turn any standard kitchen water glass into a vase. “Both vessels collect water, hence one only needs support for the flower to convert a glass into vase,” he tells Co.Design.


Dimitrov’s Clip On Vase isn’t his first foray into 3-D modeling and printing. In fact, it’s not even his first 3-D printed vase. He crafted Pencilvase first, which uses three pencils (with erasers) and a piece of plastic to create a teepee-shaped structure over a cup or coffee mug.

His Clip On vase is more refined, visually and technically, and creates a brand new product category–like a “vase convertor.” Now old jam jars, phased-out glassware, and forgotten coffee mugs can serve a new purpose. Just add water.

About the author

Margaret Rhodes is a former associate editor for Fast Company magazine.