A Clever Key Ring That Doubles As An iPhone Stand

Objekten’s Keyring by Alain Berteau serves up major utility with minimal materials.

Smartphones work hard, and they work even harder for the growing number of mobile evangelists who those four-inch gadgets to become the one and only computer they need. Trouble is, you’d be hard-pressed to find a dock or stand that travels with the same unobtrusiveness as your slimmed-down phone. That recurring necessity–to constantly have a dock at hand–prompted Belgian designer Alain Berteau (“essential for a Skype or Facetime session with my daughters,” the designer says) to solve the problem with his keyring for Objekten, the hardy and minimal European line of goods.


At first blush, the pocket accessory isn’t anything a camper in arts and crafts couldn’t make–it’s just a slightly worn loop of leather. Turns out, the smallest design details here makes all the difference: The leather has rough edges in part because its recycled and is split in the middle. Pop back one of the bands, and there’s a small notch that acts as a levee for the other half of the keyring. The simple loop of leather transforms into a makeshift easel for smartphones. The dead-simple bit of ingenuity also means the keyring’s footprint is tiny: a small piece of leather that means and one less plastic iPhone dock.

Berteau’s Keyring costs $14, and can be had through Objekten.

About the author

Margaret Rhodes is a former associate editor for Fast Company magazine.