Plastic Party Cups With Looks And Class

Kinto gives plastic party cups a shot–as stylish as glassware and sturdy enough for wobbly guests.

If your party isn’t happening on a college campus, then your guests deserve better than red plastic Solo cups. And barring some clever additions to the reusable drinkware market–like Govino’s stemless glasses that come with a special nook for your thumb–anything that won’t break likely won’t have much personality either.


Cue Kinto, the Japanese line of housewares that excels at turning otherwise boring kitchen gadgets into cabinet eye candy. Their latest is Festa, a line of plastic party glasses with multi-hued removable stems, designed with the sophistication to compete with substantial glassware.

“The product development team thought that the lighter and stronger tableware would be interesting and useful for party scenes,” says Kinto designer Sayaka Nishinami of creating an alternative to ceramic and glass pieces. Kinto strives to produce environmentally conscious products (their beautiful rendition on tea strainers should be encouragement enough to ditch tea bags for loose leaf teas), so Festa’s wine and champagne glasses are dishwasher safe, and pretty enough to use at the party and on the camping trip. And when all the tonic is tapped, just pop off the stem and take a shot.

Get a set of two for $19.70, or set of four for $32.80, right here.

About the author

Margaret Rhodes is a former associate editor for Fast Company magazine.