BioLite’s Latest Add-On Is A Smart Kettle And Pot In One

The BioLite team–inventors of the hyper-efficient Camp Stove that uses biomass like wood to fire up and charge electronics (and a winner in our 2012 Innovation By Design Awards)–has added a new product to its eco-friendly line of camping gear. (Previously, the company introduced a snap-on grill for $60). The new Kettle Pot acts as a hybrid water boiler and thermos, effectively streamlining packing and cooking needs for the wilderness.

“We saw a lot of campers stuffing bulky pots and kettles into their packs in order to create hot meals on their outings,” Jonathan Cedar, cofounder and CEO, says.

The gadget consists of a body that acts like a standard pot, but thanks to vertical handles (versus the horizontal ones seen on typical stovetop kitchenware) the Kettle Top’s easy-to-pour spout reduces spillage–and burns. “Boiling water and then trying to pour it with a flat-top pot presents safety and efficiency concerns, especially if you’re trying to pour a small stream into a camping mug or freeze-dried meal bag,” Cedar tells Co.Design. The BioLite team even engineered a way to stretch stainless steel, making the Kettle Pot durable but still a featherweight that’s lighter than anodized aluminum.

Perhaps most essentially, the BioLite team crafted the Kettle Pot’s geometry to fit snugly on top of the Camp Stove, both rounding out the BioLite family and making it feel like the only logical next purchase to add to your camping (or urban rooftop living) equipment.

Get the BioLite Kettle Pot for $50 here.