Readymade: The First Tumblr Theme Designed For The Art World

The debut of a clean-lined, art-industry-specific Tumblr theme claims a Miley-free, sophisticated space to put visual works on view.

From the whimsical “Storybook” to the frilly “Bus Full of Hippies” to “Brutal Simplicity,” 1,250 Tumblr themes have cropped up since the blog site’s 2007 inception. But until now, none of these have been specifically tailored to the Tumbling needs of artists, gallerists, and museums, which make up a significant portion of Tumblr users.


Today marks the launch of Readymade, the first Tumblr theme designed specifically for the art world. A partnership between Tumblr, arts PR firm Fitz & Co, and theme shop Pixel Union, the first to adopt the turn-key digital space for the art industry include Los Angeles County Museum of Art, LA-based non-profit ForYourArt, Lehmann Maupin Gallery, MoMA PS1, Paul Kasmin Gallery, and Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Liam Sarsfield, creative director of Pixel Union, describes the theme as “The perfect gallery. A polished, professional space for curation, with limitless organization and more ways to feature content than ever before. Airy, flexible, and refined, Readymade is the ultimate art object for art objects.” Or, as MoMA PS1’s page puts it, “Soarin’ Tumblin’ Freewheelin’.”

The classy Readymade theme also helps museums and galleries set themselves apart from fluff. Teenagers make up the largest chunk of Tumblr’s 130.5 million users. Half are under 25, including, most recently, Miley Cyrus, whose Twitter announcement that “Imma make a Tumblr” tragically made headlines. Along with teenyboppers, viral visual-punchline blogs like “Men Taking Up Too Much Space on the Subway” often dominate the site.

Claiming a far more sophisticated space for the art world, Readymade’s design includes clean logos and large, vibrant banners, making it easy and attractive for curators to highlight selected works, exhibitions, and artists. It’s simple, rather than overstylized, a place to put art on view without risk of distraction of the Miley kind.

Readymade is now available for purchase through the Tumblr theme garden. To learn more, view, or download the theme, click here.

About the author

Carey Dunne is a Brooklyn-based writer covering art and design. Follow her on Twitter.