Finally, An Ostrich Pillow That Doesn’t Make You Look Like A Raging Dork

Napmakers Kawamura-Ganjavian release a (relatively) less dorky design iteration of their lovable Ostrich.

We used to sleep a lot more. Before the advent of the light bulb, humans generally slumbered for greater periods of time, about 10 hours a night on average. Now, Americans get around six hours of shuteye, while Japan makes due with only five.


We’ll probably never make up that lost sleep. But that won’t stop the highly alert forces behind Ostrich Pillow, the plush portable snooze pod, from trying.

Kawamura-Ganjavian, the Madrid-based company responsible for the original Ostrich Pillow and its recent Junior offshoot, have dreamt up yet another napping device. The Ostrich Pillow Light is made from the same stuff of its showier cousins–“silicon coated micro-beads”–but calls for less of a commitment to sleepiness (and dorkiness) than the full Ostriches.

“The shape of Ostrich Pillow Light is just as appealing,” as previous models the Kawamura-Ganjavian office tells Co.Design, adding that while their latest struthio-themed pillow is still endearingly “quirky,” it’s a lot more “practical [and] adjustable.”

The new model debuts on Kickstarter a year after backers willing to look a little silly in the name of sleep catapulted the first Ostrich into success and Internet fame. Where the original pillow always seemed like a send-up on cutesy, Pinterest-driven design (We see your giraffe-shaped slippers and teddy bear iPhone cases and raise you…), the Light ditches the playful zoological affinities.

It’s less Ostrich or beehive or octopus head and more like a padded scarf, which it doubles as when not pulled up over your eyes. It’s also less alienating than pillows past. The original Ostrich trapped the wearer in a dark, heady cocoon space removed from the world out there. While the Light similarly blacks out stimuli, it doesn’t completely withdraw the user from the environment. You can still feel the wind in your hair or sense sunlight falling on your face. If light does happen to trickle in, just pull on the adjustable elastic ring for a better fit and increased darkness–your personal shade to draw.

The pared-down design is ideal for commuters. The Light, the designers say, is “aimed at anyone who would like to recharge on the go, in comfort and privacy,” while on the subway, the bus, or more appropriately, an airplane. It’s geared toward young creative types who, highly invested in their work and play, have earned a few precious moments of nap time on the train back to Bushwick.


Kawamura-Ganjavian and collaborator Studio Banana Things hope to put the Ostrich Pillow Light into production soon using the Kickstarter cash. On that front, the campaign has already surpassed its £25,000 goal, with nearly three weeks to go. The designers hint at future additions to the Ostrich family; keep your eyes open for that so it doesn’t catch you napping.

The Ostrich Pillow Light can be purchased from Kickstarter for $44. Order it now and you’ll have it in time to give to the beloved sleepy-dorky type on your holiday list.


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