I Didn’t Know Dog Beds Could Be This Badass

Japanese design firm Nendo has created a geometric hut for dogs that converts into a bed, along with a polyhedron-like ball and a reversible bowl.

The world of pet accessories can get pretty scary. There’s the $725 mink fur coat for princess pooches by Hartman and Rose; a $3000 22K gold-thread pet mattress (the price of three human-sized Tempur-pedics); the $23K Louis XV Pet Pavilion, styled after an 18th-century French Rosewood commode; and, best of all, the Hello Kitty Crystal Doghouse, which can be yours for just $30,000. (Hope these pampered animals are housebroken.)


But then there’s the rare design for pets that delights rather than disgusts. If Batman had a dog, it would probably sleep in a bed like the one Japanese design studio Nendo just created for lifestyle magazine Pen. Part of a three-piece set of accessories called “Heads or Tails,” the bed is made of triangular panels of artificial leather, connected in polygon mesh. In Toto black or Dogbert white, it becomes an igloo-like hut when a dog burrows inside, then collapses into a bed when the dog climbs on top. There’s also a reversible geometric bowl, with a shallow side for food and a deeper bowl for water when turned upside down; and a silicon rubber toy bone that becomes a polyhedron-like ball when its ends are flipped inward. Buckminster Fuller’s dog might’ve appreciated balls and bones like these.

Nendo’s ingenious creations are included in museum collections around the world, including the Museum of Modern Art, LACMA, the Cooper-Hewitt design museum, and the Art Institute of Chicago. Nendo says on its website that the design firm’s mission is to “Give people a small ‘!’ moment.” Dogs, too, will now get such moments. The designs are still in prototype stages and not yet available for purchase, but watch out for Heads or Tails on the world premier of Pimp My Dog Bed.

About the author

Carey Dunne is a Brooklyn-based writer covering art and design. Follow her on Twitter.