• 10.18.13

Fab Yanks Items Made By Alleged Design Pirate Cody Foster

Speaking out works, even when lawsuits can’t.

Fab Yanks Items Made By Alleged Design Pirate Cody Foster
[Illustration by Christian Labrooy]

In response to our article about Cody Foster & Co., a company accused of pirating the designs of online artists and selling them as their own creations, has come forward to say that they will no longer be selling items from the Nebraska-based wholesaler.


In a statement to Fast Company, a spokesperson said:

An essential element of Fab’s mission is supporting and promoting independent designers and makers. Our favorite success stories are about designers whose lives have been changed through their relationships with Fab – the ones who have been able to quit their day jobs and dedicate their time fully to design, or to open a studio, or hire more people.

We take the rights of designers very seriously.

It was brought to our attention this week that a supplier with whom we have worked, Cody Foster & Co, may have infringed on the work of independent artists and designers. In the past we have offered a few items from Cody Foster, and many months ago, we placed an order for a selection of ornaments and decorations to sell in our upcoming holiday décor shop.

The Fab team has removed the three Cody Foster items that were live on the site, and has pulled all Cody Foster products from the upcoming décor shop.

While these items will not be offered for sale on Fab, some Cody Foster products may appear in environmental images that were shot for the site well before we were made aware of this issue.

Additionally, we invite any designers, artists, or makers who are interested in designing holiday decor for us to please email us at – we’d love to explore working together.

Other retail partners of Cody Foster & Co. include Nordstrom, Madewell, Anthropologie, and Terrain. is not the first retail partner to yank Cody Foster wares in response to allegations: Brooklyn design retailer West Elm had previously publicly divorced itself from Cody Foster after hearing about the allegations.

To read more about Cody Foster & Co, and what to do about design piracy, see our previous article here.