• 01.02.14

11 Amazing Vintage Herman Miller Offices

Plus some gorgeous mid-century modern homes, all from the furniture giant’s addictive Instagram account.

If you haven’t discovered the lush Instagram account of American furniture giant Herman Miller, consider yourself lucky. I wasted an unseasonably glorious Sunday afternoon combing through images of secretaries with bouffant hairdos in prim little offices, and it made me long for eras I never lived through (and ones that, frankly, aren’t worth longing for).


But such is the power of Herman Miller. The company, which has manufactured home and office furniture since the early 20th century, continually captures the aspirational ideals of the U.S. workplace. Its perky, streamlined designs suggest a cheerfully efficient vision of capitalism, evident in the stripped-down workstations from 1969 and the peach-colored Eames secretarial chair from 1972 (complete with a matching IBM typewriter). Herman Miller has managed to make American workaholism look effortless and borderline charming, even if the truth of our productivity-driven culture is less idealistic. See for yourself in these historic photos, culled from the company’s Instagram.

[Images: Herman Miller via Instagram]

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