This Is The Playboy Bunny Of Stackable Chairs

Tom Dixon calls the Y Chair a “super serious stackable” and “bomb proof” piece of office furniture. But neither description is what first comes to mind when surveying the chair. With its geometric hourglass form, thanks to a heart-shaped back, and its simple black and white color scheme, the Y Chair is more reminiscent of a Playboy Bunny than a conference room staple.

The idea for the chair came up two years ago when Dixon did a massive redesign of the ad agency McCann Erickson’s New York office. The London-based designer is no stranger to interior work–he’s transformed spaces for retail, dining, and clubbing, to name a few. The McCann project showcases classic Dixon details like suspended orbs of light and sumptuous leather banquettes, but the space is not Dixon-branded from top-to-bottom; several of the designs were actually sourced from outside his studio.

When it came time to outfit rooms with conference tables and stacking chairs, Dixon’s team found the options wanting. So they crafted their own sleek wooden tables, and created the Y chair. It took two years of tooling around to settle on an ergonomic shape with “space for the spine and a generous brace for the shoulder blades,” as described in a press release.

Instead of the usual polypropylene material, the Y is made from more flexible glass reinforced nylon so that the chair–like all of Dixon’s wares–can take more wear and tear.

The Y Chair will be available for American conference rooms in February 2014, starting at $450 a pop. Read more about the chair here.MR