Elegant Steel Bowls, Reincarnated From Industrial Gas Tanks

When selecting housewares, most of us probably don’t envision storing fruit in an old gas cylinder or tossing our keys into a petroleum tank. But that’s exactly what Netherlands-based industrial designer Max Lipsey used as the building blocks of a collection of bowls that just debuted at Dutch Design Week.

Lipsey found the industrial parts for his collection at a local company that builds gas tanks and pressure vessels. It was a lucky find, he says. “The investment required to make the tools necessary to manufacture [the vessels] would be astounding,” Lipsey tells Co.Design. “Thankfully, it’s already been done for me.”

Lipsey transformed the curvilinear parts with two layers of matte powder coating in muted tones of tangerine, olive green, and cream. He also welded on a lattice-like base that he designed, after much trial and error. “My first experiments looked something like a camping stove,” he says. “Some other ideas looked like artifacts from a strange religious ceremony. Others looked like circus pedestals the animals sit on.”

This kind of resourcefulness–plus a playfulness in regards to raw materials–are trademarks in Lipsey’s work (and can be seen in earlier projects like his Temper Chair, which uses extreme heat to create unique colors in a steel chair).

Unlike some of his contemporaries, who design humidifiers that look like tiny houses or lamps that look like pills, Lipsey wanted his bowls to look like a bowls: “We users are pretty sharp about spotting things that look out of place or wrongly suited for their use,” he says. No hoodwinking here.

Get the Steel Vessels for $200, $250, $300, or $345 (by size), here.MR