• 11.05.13

The Best Of Dutch Design Week, From A Pro

Industrial designer and infallible eye Max Lipsey delivers this year’s (refreshingly tech-free) highlights from Holland.

Every fall, designers and curators (and the plain curious) descend on Eindhoven for Dutch Design Week. And more and more each year, the post-industrial town plays host to a series of experimental design projects, the most impressive of which play with our perception of what materials are and what they can do.


There to take it all in was industrial designer Max Lipsey–who singled out for Co.Design the standout projects from both up-and-coming and established designers. His report includes the “mind-bending” concentric circle table from Eindhoven-based Akko Goldeneeld, and the “immaculately finished” workshop space of Dirk van der Koolj, from the town of Zaandam.

Refreshingly, the collection of work presented here is largely off-the-grid and tech-free. Designers dialed back on sensors and digital fabrication for 2013, preferring instead to give second life to tangible wares like denim shirts, or to invent new methods for painting tabletop china.

Image: Courtesy of Objects Presents

See Max Lipsey’s selections in the slide show, and see more work from Dutch Design Week here.

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Margaret Rhodes is a former associate editor for Fast Company magazine.