A Map Of The Weird World Of Cycling

If you’ve ever known bicycling enthusiasts, you know they not only speak their own language, but practically live in their own world. Luckily, realizing enthusiasts’ worlds is what Dorothy does best. Previously covered on Co.Design for its maps based on TV shows, famous places in the movies and literary London, Dorothy gives us its latest: the Bike Map, a four-color litho that maps out the weird world of cycling as if it were a real place.

Bike enthusiasts can use some queer terminology. They talk about classic races like the TransRockies and the Megavalanche. They talk about going for rides on the Porcupine Rim at Moab, Utah, or consider hanging out at the Woodbine Cafe. They know about famous cycling clubs like the Larkspur Canyon Gang, and discuss certain bikes–like the Mountain Cycle San Andreas or the Klein Attitude–as if they were examples of mythical horses. How to make sense of it all?

What Dorothy has done with the Bike Map is design something that turns all of this strange lingo into literal cartography. Dorothy didn’t do it alone, though. Bike lovers (but not bike maniacs), Dorothy teamed up with cycle brand to prowl cycling forums and draw upon their own knowledge of bike-enthusiast argot. The result is a gorgeous 24-inch x 31.5-inch print that brings over 700 bicycling terms to vivid life.

The Bike Map can be ordered directly from Dorothy today for £25, or around $40. Just keep in mind Dorothy’s warning: this map is not one to actually follow on a ride.JB