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Saveur’s Slot Machine Plans Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Stressed about turkey day? Take a free spin.

Saveur’s Slot Machine Plans Your Thanksgiving Dinner

You’d think planning a Thanksgiving dinner would be simple. You’ve got turkey, stuffing, potatoes, a few dishes from a 1950s Crisco cookbook that your aunt always makes, and pie. But modern Thanksgiving etiquette demands more than bland traditions. You don't just roast a turkey anymore, not when you can brine, grill, deep fry, sous vide, or smash it into the Frankenstein of fowl known as a the "turducken."

Saveur—a publication that generally only adds fuel to one’s culinary flame—developed a stupid-simple tool to make planning Thanksgiving easier (and a bit more fun). Their Thanksgiving Dinner Generator is like a slot machine for meal planning, spinning various recipes for turkey, vegetables, starches, cocktails, and desserts into—and pardon us for being unable to help ourselves here—an absolute jackpot of flavor.

Now there may be zero culinary gamblers who actually spin these slots to decide their Thanksgiving fate, but even still, this UI is more than just another slide show of foodporn or index of recipes to overwhelm with more information than our minds could possibly chew. It’s a clever tool to coax users through the mountain of Saveur dish data.

And, like any successful Thanksgiving with the family, it’s 20% booze.

Try it here.