Giant System Of Waterfalls Would Cool This Futuristic Tower

Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto has unveiled the concept for his latest structure, an intricate cluster of stacked arches, cooled by a series of waterfalls, that make up a commercial complex and observatory towers set by the sea in an anonymous Middle Eastern city (Inhabitat points to Doha, Qatar, but a request for confirmation from Fujimoto’s firm went unanswered).

The low-level Souk Mirage/Particles of Light commercial complex would feature retail, residential, and office space, plus atria, courtyards, and a plant-filled plaza, according to Fujimoto’s proposals for the project, while the taller Outlook Tower, located near the waterfront at the end of a large avenue, will have an observation deck and plaza.

Both incorporate arches of different sizes arranged in stacks, meant to mimic the silhouette of Bedouin tents. From afar, the tower is designed to appear as a gateway between the land and the sea.

Outlook Tower will be cooled by the mist of different waterfalls flowing from the top of the building down. “There will be a wide range [of] waterfalls; smaller on the top to prevent any interference from the wind and larger towards the bottom to create evaporative cooling,” according to the architects. How efficient this method of air conditioning would be in a hot desert climate goes unmentioned, but it’s a pretty idea.

Fujimoto’s work often features open, transparent structures, as with his lattice-like open-air pavilion in London this summer, or even the public outhouse he created in Ichihara, Japan. Here, along with the mist of the waterfalls, the increasing transparency of the stacked arches as they become less dense at the top of the structure lends a mirage-like quality to the desert towers.
[H/T Dezeen, Inhabitat]SF