A Flask Disguised As A Classic Nintendo Cartridge

A Kickstarter campaign has successfully funded the Ink Whiskey Entertainment Flask, made from your favorite old Nintendo game cartridges. Get ready to play Drunk Hunt, Super Bar-Hop Bros., and The Legend of Drink.

Videogame-addicted alcoholics of the world rejoice: your two favorite things have come together in a beautiful union called the Ink Whiskey Entertainment Flask, a concealable flask designed to look exactly like classic old Nintendo game cartridges. Alcohol-themed parody art labels reference beloved Nintendo classics, including Drunk Hunt (Duck Hunt), Super Bar-Hop Bros. (Super Mario Bros.), and The Legend of Drink (The Legend of Zelda). “You can put your BOOZE in it,” say the labels.


Designer Matt Cornell’s Kickstarter Campaign to fund production costs for this flask has 33 hours left, but it’s already raised $30,670, far over its $12,000 goal. Says Cornell, “We wanted our product to look and feel exactly like the game cartridges we grew up with, and then BAM SUPRISE! It holds your favorite real-life health potion.”

Easily slipped in your back pocket, this slim flask is very discreet. No one will suspect you’re drinking whiskey – they’ll just think you’re sucking on an old Nintendo game.

To make the prototype, Cornell says, “I literally glued and melted two sides of a game cartridge together. It still didn’t hold water, and was certainly not my finest work, but it got the Ink Whiskey team moving in the right direction.” The design evolved over the course of a year with the help of a plastics engineer. Made from BPA-free ABS polymer, Cornell says the most challenging part was designing the cap and finding a discreet place to put it. They settled on replacing the grip portion of the cartridge with a minimalist rounded cap, as it camouflaged into the natural shadows and indents of the grip.

In his Kickstarter video, designer Matt Cornell lounges in an impressive Man Cave, stacked with video games, Pez dispensers, and a full bar, heroically slugging whiskey from his Nintendo flask along to the jaunty we-can-do-it music that seems to have become a required soundtrack for all Kickstarter videos. They’re calling it “The Best and Only Concealable Gaming Flask in the World!” It gives “drinking games” a whole new meaning.

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