Watch These Mesmerizing Cushions Light Up And Breathe

Nils Völker elevates the simple act of breathing to an art form. The Berlin-based artist’s work often features cushions inflating and deflating such that they seem to come to life, like some sort of abstract, respiring creature.

His latest installation, part of an exhibit on 21st-century light art at the Kunstmuseum Celle in Germany, is no different. Much like his installation from earlier this summer, Thirty Three, his newest work, Seventeen, features a row of hanging pillows moving in a soft wave.

“Basically it’s a very simple process of inflating and deflating which becomes very organic and complex when it’s multiplied and orchestrated by a programming,” Völker told Co.Design via email. “The idea was to create a very quiet, reduced installation that flows above the visitors’ head into the roof structure.”

The gently illuminated, air-filled cushions glow in a darkened room, exposing a veiny texture to the Tyvek material that makes the pillows seem even more like living, breathing lungs.

See for yourself in this video, but make sure to watch it in HD to witness the full effect: