• 11.27.13

Camper On Hydraulics Is Cooler Than Any Treehouse

What happens when you attach an old camper to a hydraulic lift? The best camping trip ever, or a very sad version of The Jetsons.

Camper On Hydraulics Is Cooler Than Any Treehouse

In between the menopausal robot and the almost-talking dog, The Jetsons painted a somewhat bleak vision of our future. Their saucer-like housing was placed atop giant hydraulics. Why? To lift a suburban family out of the ever-rising smog! That said, there was, and still is, an appeal to those floating condos, a certain aspirational quality that one’s humble dwelling could be a self-contained high rise.


So even though french artist Bufalino Benedetto tells us that he’s never heard of The Jetsons, his project La Caravane Dans Le Ciel–or Caravan of the Sky–captures a small piece of its wonder.

“I wanted to propose my caravan dream,” Benedetto explains. “I wanted to propose a caravan to go in the sky, in the clouds, the trees.”

Benedetto’s dream creation is really just a camper affixed to a hydraulic scissor lift. It’s not even furnished, though apparently a passenger can go along for the ride. Still, seeing that trailer float above the treeline is inspiring in the most plebeian of ways. Maybe that’s because it’s nostalgic of a future seen through eyes of the past–one before microchips and touch screens invaded our creativity, one in which you only needed to proper alchemy of motors, robotic arms, and conveyor belts to solve any problem.

Well, so long as that problem was not Mr. Spacely. Seriously, what sort of space stick was stuck up his astronaut?

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