An Incredible Floating Table Made Of Marble

Looking at the Lythos table, designed by Lisbon-based French designer Toni Grilo, it’s hard to believe the geometry. The table appears to be a massive marble pyramid stood on its head, balancing all its weight, improbably, on its pinnacle. But at only 40 kg, the hollow table is a trompe l’oeil and isn’t nearly as massive as it looks.

This January at the Maison & Objet fair, two-year-old Parisian furniture label Haymann Editions, will launch a third collection that includes Grilo’s Lythos Table. Initially, Lythos was going to be built from lightweight slices of marble mounted to a metal honeycomb structure. “We thought this would be a great way to work with marble without the weight of marble,” Haymann recalls. “And Toni’s inversed pyramid adds to this perception of weight, an impression that the table is floating.”

In the end, the marble slices were mounted to a durable but very light foam. Then, for the base, Grilo designed a stone counterweight with a simple leather strap to balance the 15-centimeter base with its 110-square-centimeter top and to make it easy to move. Lythos’ sleight of hand is functional and, therefore, becomes neither artificial nor merely decorative.

This isn’t the first time that David Haymann, owner of the two-year-old Parisian furniture label, has partnered with Grilo. The two collaborated to create his Haymann’s well-received 2012 collection.

Haymann Editions is distributed in the US by Holly Hunt, Lorin Marsh, Karkula, Property Raul Carrasco and Avenue Road.SM