A Textile Designer Radically Rethinks The Look Book

Imagine the typical catalog hawking fabrics for interiors: perfectly styled furniture, carefully draped in textiles, with fluffed pillows placed just so–all arranged for a Martha Stewart-worthy lifestyles shot. Sarah Templin of Radica Textiles decided to take a different path with her latest look book.

“I get tired of taking photos of pillows all the time,” Templin says. The Baltimore-based designer, who creates original, hand-drawn, and screen printed textiles for interiors, clearly has an affinity for double takes. “I like designing patterns that can create other patterns depending on how they are draped and sewn,” she says. “If you have a striped fabric, for instance, a few strategic darts can turn it into a zigzag or a curve.”

So Templin–bored to death with the usual approach to shooting a seasonal look book–applied that same counter-intuitive instinct to presenting her newest collection. After drafting new textile patterns by painting and drawing with inks, she printed the textiles by the yard and put those prints out into the field–literally. “When you add my love of costumes and uniforms to Baltimore’s fevered football obsession, it seemed like the most logical thing in the world,” she says.

Templin’s newest collection ranges in price from $99 to $200, per yard. To find out more about Radica Textiles and to purchase fabric click here.

[Photography by Frank Hamilton]MR