12 Gifts For Brand Snobs

Got a friend who wouldn’t be caught dead sitting in a knock off? You’re in luck: Here are 12 gifts with plenty of designer caché.

Design Snobs. You know the ones. They walk into the holiday party and immediately tally the host’s inventory: Eames Chair? Check. Noguchi coffee table? Check. And oh my! Vince Guaraldi Trio is coming from the speakers of a Dieter Rams SK2 radio by Braun. So what on earth do you gift this cultural cognescenti?


Well, you’re in luck. This year, plenty of well-known designers and architects are putting their name on everything from protractors and yoga mats to speakers and eyeglasses. So go ahead. Click through the slide show above and wow them with your present-giving prowess.

About the author

Margaret Rhodes is a former associate editor for Fast Company magazine.