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12 Award-Winning Photos Beautifully Capture Daily Life

The Morpholio Project announces the winners for its EyeTime 2013 competition.

  • <p><em>In Pieces</em> by Dean West</p>
  • <p><em>Architecture</em> by Edward Neumann</p>
  • <p><em>Amnios</em> by Alessandro Falco</p>
  • <p><em>Painter of Battles</em> by Javier Corso</p>
  • <p><em>Life After Retirement</em> by Michael Santiago</p>
  • <p><em>Michael the Veteran</em> by Michael Santiago</p>
  • <p><em>Wide Awake</em> by Nicholai Go</p>
  • <p><em>One-shot Stories 2013</em> by Obsoquasi</p>
  • <p><em>Surface Romantics</em> by Rainer Weston</p>
  • <p><em>They/Ward 2</em> by Simon Chang</p>
  • <p><em>Wasted Youth</em> by Tiberio Yentura</p>
  • <p><em>Who I Am</em> by Tiberio Yentura</p>
  • 01 /12

    In Pieces by Dean West

  • 02 /12

    Architecture by Edward Neumann

  • 03 /12

    Amnios by Alessandro Falco

  • 04 /12

    Painter of Battles by Javier Corso

  • 05 /12

    Life After Retirement by Michael Santiago

  • 06 /12

    Michael the Veteran by Michael Santiago

  • 07 /12

    Wide Awake by Nicholai Go

  • 08 /12

    One-shot Stories 2013 by Obsoquasi

  • 09 /12

    Surface Romantics by Rainer Weston

  • 10 /12

    They/Ward 2 by Simon Chang

  • 11 /12

    Wasted Youth by Tiberio Yentura

  • 12 /12

    Who I Am by Tiberio Yentura

You might think that professional photographers, whose craft is being co-opted by Instagrammers and selfie-takers, would be the last to crowdsource "Likes" as a metric to judge a photography contest. Think again: the Morpholio Project, an online creative community of architects and academics, used number of views, and even number of zooms, to vet the entries for this year's EyeTime photo competition.

The Morpholio platform is a portfolio and image sharing app for iOS. On it, artists can also use a feature called EyeTime, which provides metrics on number of views and even zooms that photos attract once they go up on Morpholio's internal critique site. This year, those images with the highest number of hits went to a panel of expert judges, who recently announced their top picks for 2013.

Photo by Michael Santiago

But from the judge's remarks, it was the photos themselves, and not the public opinion, that ultimately resulted in the winning shots. The judges remarked on the evident thoughtfulness: "In a world with so many 'snap, then straight-to-publish' avenues, I was impressed by the taste and forethought that went into creating the entries," says Jenika McDavitt, of Psychology for Photographers, in a press release.

This year’s EyeTime contest includes images boasting breathtaking composition and stellar portraiture. Many also communicate a fragile human candor: faces caught unawares, staring into the distance or into mirrors, deep in thought.

Peruse the winning images in the slide show above, and read more about the contest here.