Is That A Giant Piece Of Nougat? Nope, A Chair

Candy lovers, take a load off with these delectable furnishings. Creator Matthias Borowski made these sweet seats as part of his master’s thesis at the Design Academy Eindhoven, “The Importance of the Obvious.”

The project explores the role of materials in design, with a special focus on food and the parallels between designers and chefs. Unfortunately, unlike Lanzavecchia + Wai’s candy creations, these ones can’t be nibbled in case of a sugar emergency. Borowski used plastics, wood and resin to create a series of seats and tables that resemble pieces of nougat, licorice allsort, and ice cream.

“Attracted by the material characteristics of candies, I translated their colours, textures, layering, and expressions into designs,” Borowski writes on his website. He saw similarities between the layers of plastics that make up the furniture and the artificial additives found in most candies.

Curl up with an Arctic roll in the living room? Sure! Just be warned that being constantly surrounded by confectionary treats, even the inedible variety, might lead to a whole bundle of excess sugar cravings.

[Hat tip: Dezeen]SF