A Line Of Jewelry Inspired By Illicit Drugs

We are craving Designer Drugs: a new line of jewelry from Aroha Silhouettes, designed after the hybrid molecular structures of illicit substances.

These wearable vices were inspired by a “fantasy laboratory” where dangerous drugs are turned into glitzy bling. Hailing from New Zealand, designer Tania Hennessy founded Aroha Silhouettes in 2008 after desperately searching for a creative endeavour to balance out her mundane 9 to 5 laboratory job. “Creating the pieces for Designer Drugs was kind of like experimenting with complicated little puzzle pieces to find the perfect eye-catching wearable combinations,” Hennessy tells Co.Design. “I’ve spent three years designing real-world molecules, so it was fun to challenge the constraints of reality and really push the boundaries.” She now designs jewelry full time.

If you like your drugs buffet-style, the “Overdose” necklace synthesizes LSD, Psylocybin, Cocaine, DMT, THC, and MDMA molecules into an elaborate, brain-melting SuperMolecule. “The Overdose necklace is my favorite piece by far,” Hennessy says. “It took around 40 extremely challenging hours to design with a ridiculous number of rejects that didn’t make it.” This intricate statement piece has been in the works since May 2012.

The “Candy Flipping” and “Tripping Balls” necklaces combine LSD, MDMA, and DMT in intricate, asymmetrical designs that might make you see elves. If you prefer to stick to softer stuff, the “Coffee and Cigarettes” necklace will keep this dream team of vices close to your heart. The necklaces double as a visual chemistry lesson, exhibiting the beauty of what can only be seen under a microscope.

Image: Courtesy of Aroha Silhouettes

The sculptural pieces are made from a strong yet lightweight stainless steel that either has a smooth matte black powder coating with a gunmetal chain and findings, or is uncoated with a silver-plated chain and findings. They’re available for $55-$95 here.