These Chocolates Are Disguised As Tubes Of Paint

There’s no shortage of artisanal chocolates these days. Just like beer and bourbon, chocolate has benefited from the small batch craze. But these new varietals seem to suffer the same old design problem as a drugstore box of Whitman’s samplers: how do you avoid the gooey maraschino cherry that could be lurking in the center?

This box of chocolates from Japanese design studio Nendo (who has a flair for putting a fun spin on mundane objects, like this geometric dome of a dog bed) solves that problem, adorably. Open the box and find a rainbow of 12 color-coded pieces of chocolate. Each Pantone-esque label corresponds to the flavor. The brandy chocolate has a warm camel-colored wrapper; the green wrapper denotes a green tea syrup center.

Photo by Ayao Yamazaki

Nendo created a limited edition run of the treats for the Seibu Department Store in Japan. See more of Nendo’s work here.MR