Huh? Wow! Artist Flips A Building Upside Down

In the middle of London, a centuries-old building seems to have gotten turned around. Once the site of a livery stable, the four-story building on Blackfriar Road now appears to hang upside down, with part of the structure dangling almost a full story above the ground.

Miner On The Moon is a new project from London-based artist and designer Alex Chinneck, who aimed to create a piece of art that managed to be both eye-catching and subtle.

This isn’t the first of Chinneck’s projects to add a touch of the surreal to otherwise very normal neighborhoods. His last piece featured a house whose facade seemed to be sliding down into the yard, reminiscent of Dalí’s melting clocks.

To build the Miner On The Moon, Chinneck installed a scaffold onto the original facade of the building, then built the new facade on top of that, using salvaged materials. The hanging at the top of the piece, advertising a firm called W. H. Willcox & Co Ltd, is from a company founded in 1876 only a few blocks away from the site. After snagging it from a junk yard in Wales, Chinneck used the sign to inform the mood of his piece. “By using the material and architectural language of the district, the artwork has the ability to disappear into its environment without dominating it,” Chinneck writes of Miner On The Moon.

He hoped to invert familiar architectural scenery for people passing by, giving them a fresh look at their surroundings. As a result, “the audience hopefully re-appreciates the buildings and moments of our daily environments that we allow to slip into our subconscious,” the artist says.SF