One Hotel, 88 Different Ways

When the Spanish-born artist Victor Enrich first moved to Munich, he intentionally didn’t find a permanent home, preferring to couch-surf for two months to meet new friends. He stored most of his luggage at the city’s central train station, where he had to change lockers every three days. As a result, he walked by Munich’s NH München Deutscher Kaiser hotel, right next to the station, multiple times each week.

Enrich grew attached to the building, and decided to pay tribute to it with an expansive photography project called “NHDK.” Using 3-D design software, he digitally manipulated the hotel’s structure, making it bend and twist in 88 different photo illustrations, appearing upside down, turned on its side, cut in half floating in midair and more.

In the series, Enrich shows an intimate familiarity with the hotel, dicing it up and rearranging its parts, pulling it up to show its foundation, sinking it partially in the ground or inflating it into a floating balloon. His work imagines a dreamlike world where gravity and other worldly concerns present no barrier to construction.

Enrich’s 88 iterations represent the number of keys on a piano, a small nod to his past when he dropped music studies in favor of architecture school at the age of 18.

The large number of images also presented an opportunity for Enrich to rethink how the public would access the series. “This project is also a consideration about digital art shown online,” he tells Co.Design. His previous projects had less images and media outlets could publish them in their entirety, but he knew few websites would publish all 88 photos from “NHDK.” He hoped to give his audience a reason to visit his site since it’s the only place you can view the project as a whole.

[H/T Laughing Squid]