A Provocative New Building Where The Berlin Wall Once Stood

European media giant Axel Springer has just announced the three finalists bidding to design its new media campus in Berlin. This is what the new space would look like if the proposal from Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) were to win.

The building is to be constructed on one of the last remaining plots in what used to be the no man’s land between East and West Berlin, where the Berlin Wall once stood. It will need to house double the employees on half the space of Axel Springer’s existing headquarters, which is currently next door to the site.

“Located on the historic site of the border between West and East Berlin the building will breathe new life into one of the last remaining building plots of the former no-man’s land, and unify the diverse surroundings in a new vibrant urban center,” the architects write in their description of the project.

In order to accommodate one of Europe’s largest media companies, BIG proposes creating a “media village,” organizing companies and departments along a “streetscape” that winds in an upward spiral around the structure. Common spaces and plazas connecting each department will give employees an informal place to meet, inspired by the sidewalks and public squares of found in an urban environment. Every floor will have a terrace or exit into an outdoor courtyard or roof garden.

“Like a three-dimensional neighborhood, the building will bring together digital and traditional media brands, startups and established firms, entrepreneurs, and employees, and unite the activities of Axel Springer Campus with the public life of the city,” Bjarke Ingels, founding partner of BIG, said in a press statement.

Axel Springer is expected to choose a final plan for the headquarters in January.