Haha, Whut? This Scarf Doubles As A Tie

Just wrap and go!

Granted, I don’t wear a lot of ties, so I have no frame of reference for how annoying it might be to have to endure two pieces of neckwear at once. But is the burden of wrapping a scarf around your tie so great? The designers at &tie seem to think so. The Scandinavian company’s line of scarf-tie combos is attempting to reinvent neck fashion in maybe the worst way possible.


The wool and silk scarves (dry clean only!) come in a variety of different patterns ranging from plaid to a slightly different plaid, with a few dark solids thrown in. The wider, square end of the fabric wraps over the tapered tie, hiding the fact that what appears to be a tie is really an impostor in the embrace of its wooly folds. In case Avril Lavigne’s fashions are making a comeback, &tie markets itself as a product for women as well as men, so ladies need not be left out of the neckwear revolution.

Looking on the bright side, the &tie saves its wearer the trouble of learning how to tie a tie. You just have to wrap and go! And risk looking like you’re wearing a wool bandana over your formalwear, but alas, beggars can’t be choosers. Maybe you should just go ahead and learn to tie a regular tie, on second thought.

In the snow-lined trenches of winter fashion, a little extra neck warmth can be a blessing, and the neck wrap, an article of clothing dating back to ancient Rome, may be ripe for an innovative redesign. Sadly, this is no circle scarf. What happens when you burst into the office on a blustery winter day, throwing off outer layers of clothing in a central-heating-induced frenzy? Suddenly you either have to suffer through wearing your wool all day, or become just another slob without a tie.

[H/T: designboom]

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